Product Specific Language Globalization Solutions

Platform Specific Language Globalization Solutions

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LinguaNext is redefining the enterprise application localization space!

Are you using a software that doesn’t work in a language of your choice? We have a solution! Our Linguify platform has all the components necessary to translate the UI, reports and prints of any enterprise application on the fly, to any language. Our unique patent-pending technologies work across UI layers to give a seamless experience to the user of working in a preferred language. Linguify is quick to install and easy to learn.

Even for independent software vendors, this is a great approach to quickly internationalize their software without making any changes to their code or database. The developers then need not worry much about i18n/l10n compliance.

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Now, enjoy apps in local languages

Want local languages in several popular apps? Well, the wait maybe over. LinguaNext, an Indian start-up based out of Pune,

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Customers can get Bank ATM transaction slips in local languages soon –

A technology firm from Pune called LinguaNext is currently working with banks in order to provide customers ATM transaction details
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*Linguify.S has been endorsed by SAP and LinguaNext is SAP’s Endorsed Business Solution Partner for Indian sub-continent